About Us
GranTechs™ helps small and medium business get government grants for R&D.

Increasing your odds:

  • Increasing the initial odds: The odds of a grant proposal getting funded in an SBIR or similar program is typically in the 7% range. And many of the failures end up being proposals that are non-compliant or non-responsive to the proposal requirements. They never even get to the evaluators. Our application review process reduces non-compliance, while our marketing support process reduces failures to address. This plus assistance in writing, budget, and other areas increases your odds of success.
  • Land and expand: It's likely not just one grant you will be proposing with our services. Once you get the first proposal in to the government, we will be wanting to do more of them, typically at the rate of one per quarter or more. We can provide a steady stream of increasing funds to do your R&D and fill the government's needs to advance their capabilities and our country's.
  • Execution: Strong execution in all aspects of our work for you and your work for the government is critical to success over time. We help in the nitty gritty of paperwork and supporting the process elements of grant execution. You will find our project support, both in proposing and executing on grants to be top flight.

Decreasing your effort:

  • Avoiding unforced errors: Our review processes, cheklists, and other specialized support technologies are designed to help our people and yours get everything done on time and within the rules. Unlike many things in life, getting government grants is a case of ask permission, not forgiveness. When we help you, every once in a while when you need forgiveness, you are more likely to get it.
  • Taking the load off: Handling all the little details of grant proposals is a significant load on most companies. It may take you 300 or more hours of effort to get a grant proposal in the first time, and plenty of time even when you get used to the process. Our services take the load off of you so you can focus on what you do best and we can focus on what we do best.
  • Execution efficiency: Efficiency in execution makes everything run more smoothly. Fewer mistakes means fewer retries. More clarity around what happens when, means you can be prepared instead of fighting fires. Keeping good records and track makes it easier to do the next grant and less likely that you will miss something important. Our custom software platform is designed for getting grants, saving time, and making the process work better.

Professionalism: We are professionals. That means we are on time, and we do what we say we are going to do. Nobody's perfect. But we set our standards high and you can expect that we will get the job done. Plan, do, check, act. We plan with you, we do what we say we will do, we check to make sure we are doing it, and we act to fix things when they start to go awry.